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Person Signing Slip and Fall Liability Form

The Incapacitating Nature of Slip and Falls: What You Need to Know and How to Respond to an Event

The winter season brings harsh weather conditions and with it comes an increased risk of slip and fall accidents. As a personal or commercial property owner, it’s important to know your responsibilities for keeping others safe on your premises, as you are considered liable if someone has a slip and fall accident while on your property.

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Person tending to car accident with caution sign on road

Winter Accident Prevention

With an increased risk of car accidents and slip and fall incidents during the winter season, we’ve put together a few reminders to help you stay safe.

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Walking on ice

When it Comes to Preventing Slip and Falls, Caution is Key

The new year has arrived and, you may be feeling a new "pep" to your step. Just be sure you take caution as you step into the new year. It’s been many months since we've had to brave these harsh winter conditions of snow and ice in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and throughout the Niagara region.

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