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Working Against Wrongful Deaths

We wish we could eliminate wrongful death lawsuits from our list of services, but until that happens, we will continue to champion for awareness and prevention efforts!

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Brain Injury Awareness

Brain Injury Awareness

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month and having worked with so many clients who live with a brain injury, we feel it's important to help spread awareness.

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Tips to Help You Safely Gear Up for Warm Weather Motorcycle Rides

Now that spring has arrived here in Niagara, are you getting the itch to hit the open road? If you plan to celebrate by taking your beloved motorcycle out of storage, we want you to stay safe!

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Disability Law

Disability Claim Denied?

As the number of Canadians living with a disability continues to grow, more people will be filing disability claims with their insurance providers. For many of them, this process will be a difficult one that results in a denied disability claim.

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Lawyer Shaking Hands

Spotlight on Personal Injury Lawyer, Jeff Campbell

Some decisions in life are simple, like deciding whether you should grab a coffee on your way to work. Others require more thoughtful consideration, such as buying a house, finding a family doctor, or choosing the right personal injury lawyer.

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Spinal Cord Injury

Seriousness of Spinal Cord injuries

The number of Canadians living with spinal cord injuries will dramatically increase over the next decade. If you find yourself the victim of a spinal cord injury caused by someone else's actions, you will need an expert personal injury lawyer who understands the complexities involved with these types of cases.

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